Contradictory emotions in the Bin Laden

President and U.S. officials stress when monitoring changes raids. Then screen celebrating the many people of this country after Bin Laden killed, contrary to mourn the scene of some Muslims.

Face Barack Obama and Clinton have witnessed the direct image campaigns from Pakistan. Photo: AP.
Close-up face Barack Obama and Clinton have witnessed the Live TV from Pakistan at the White House situation room. Photo: AP.
Barack Obama and U.S. officials smiling in the cabinet meeting, after Osama bin Laden had been killed, ending more than 10 years rooting for the American forces. Photo: EPA.
A celebration of American women believe Bin Laden was gunned down on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House, immediately after the information the president announced. Photo: EPA.
The Pakistan Muslim Bin Laden cried during the ceremony to pray for bin Laden in the city of Karachi, with the participation of hundreds of people. Photo: AP.
Americans unfurled a higher plaque inscription Obama 1, Osama 0 after Al-Qaeda boss is destroyed. Photo: EPA.
A bouquet of flowers in memory of the victims' relatives in the 11 / 9 at a former WTC twin towers in New York, with the words "Love you, miss you, Sita! At the end we killed him" . Photo: AFP.
Soldiers supported Osama bin Laden and chanting supporters holding pictures new boss Al-Qaeda was killed in the city of Quetta, Pakistan. Photo: AP.
American youth celebrate Bin Laden is dead outside the White House. Photo: AP.
Pakistan opposition crowd of the campaign to destroy Osama bin Laden in the city of Karachi.Photo: AP.
Indians reading the news of killing Osama bin Laden. Photo: AFP.

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