China: Boys are 4 years old roadside chain

Migrated from other places, there is no policy support, Mr. Chen must use each time the key chain to work.

People in the area district Fangshang (China) felt extremely urgent situation and the trade instead of the 2-year-old boys were the same chain tree beside the car when his father Chen Chuanliu work. Many people tried to intervene to Mr. Chen did not recur this job again but in vain. Even, even the local government proposed assistance but was refused.

Every day, when welcoming guests, Mr. Chen remains this way

42-year-old man driving career 'though' this explanation for his actions as follows: "My wife is handicapped and she can not look to be a child so I have to follow every lead it to welcome guests. And that is the safest way to lose my son. "

Known, Chen had to leave home from Sichuan to do Fangshang driving career and earn 50 yuan per day. Although little money but never Chen received any help any people around, except for old clothes for myself and my son.

Leaders of Sichuan province, also home to Chen proposed 4 times to contact him about home work, but Chen said: "At least I also earn some money here. If I'm on the home I would have nothing."

The case is so popular yesterday, the provincial press Fangshang have held a meeting to discuss direction of settlement. "Mr. Chen is not the people of the district Fangshang be prescribed, the child can not learn in schools in the district," said Li, the press agent said.

"The story boy dogs on the sidewalk that we are having trouble solving the problems of immigrants. Ever, immigrants from other places did not receive support from the social policy of the government. The time has come we have to change that, "Mr Li said.

translate from china.
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