Tila Tequila Insults Casey Johnson’s Family, Shows Her Boobies

Tila Tequila Insults Casey Johnson

Former reality star Tila Tequila, the alleged fiancée of the late Casey Johnson, is using her venom to attack Casey’s family calling them a “piece[s] of s**t” and saying they “abandoned” their daughter.

Tila tweeted, “Some ppl think just cuz they’re rich that they can just stomp all over other ppl. Even if that means taking away their daughters happiness! “My Wife hated them. Just wait til I tell everyone the truth I have proof.”

Tila went further and claims that not even Casey’s friends were there for her, everyone had turned their back on Casey except for her. Tila and Casey’s relationship wasn’t even two months old. They only knew each other for a couple of months and they basically united to put a show for their ex-girlfriend, Courtenay Semel.

“Her family abandoned her for 5 years, her friends never called her, ONLY I DID,” Tila wrote. “Who was there for her? I WAS! I took care of EVERYTHING! While her ‘friends’ used her!”

“Now that she’s gone her family and so called ‘FRIENDS’ pop up at my house, stealing our stuff & acting like they care? BULLS- – -!” she Twittered. “Money doesn’t buy you class.”

Casey’s family had indeed cut ties with the socialite for her erratic behavior and drug and alcohol abuse in hopes she would finally understand she had to get out of that self-destructive path. Casey’s father and ex-wife Sale tried to show Casey some tough love cutting off her money.

However, Tila, who was supposed to be mourning for her fiancée, showed up all smiley, busty and flowery in a skimpy outfit to pose for photographers outside her home just days after Casey’s tragic death. Well, at least her bra was black!! Tila is just doing what she does best – cashing in on every opportunity even if it involves the loss of a life.

Casey’s ex-girlfriend and longtime friend, Courtenay Semel, is absolutely angry with Tila’s behavior and actually blames her, saying she contributed to the heiress’ tragic faith.

Courtenay tweeted, “You have known her for a total of one month you took advantage of someone in her weakest moment. You enabled her death and prevented her getting the help she SO DESPERATELY needed for YOUR OWN selfish purposes.

‘She was a classy woman who would NEVER have had ANYTHING to do with you had she been in her right mind. You took advantage of a sick girl… Shut your mouth back the f*** off and have some respect. Let her pass with dignity now not attached to ur smutty name… Disgusting little girl.’

In Casey’s memory, we would just like to tell them to shut up and respect the family, who no matter what is suffering the loss of a loved one, because we are sure no one loved Casey more than her own parents.

by Rita Pereirabumpshack.com
7:35 AM

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