Tiger Woods Caught On Security Camera Groping A Mistress In California!!

Tiger Woods Caught On Security Camera Groping A Mistress In California!!

Dayum! Tiger Woods is so screwed! CCTV has caught images of Tiger Woods groping one of his mistresses in California, which could mean bad news for Tiger Woods if Elin chooses to divorce him.

The images caught on a California security camera could cost Tiger Woods millions in his divorce, and the possibility of him losing his children.

“It’s Tiger’s worst nightmare!” a close friend stated. “It will help his wife Elin in a divorce – and cost him additional millions.”

The security footage was recorded in a parking lot by security cameras, according to a source.

“The photos show Tiger in an embrace with a young woman.

“If the photos become part of Elin’s divorce action, they may be the most expensive photos in history.”

Tiger Woods, 35, could also lose shared custody of his children if the security footage is used against him in the divorce.

The golfer can been seen passionately kissing an unidentified woman.

“The tall, slinky woman, wearing boots and a clingy knit dress, seems very happy in Tiger’s embrace in the deserted parking lot,” said the close source.

“The pair hold each other, obviously physically involved, and then climb into a black SUV.

“Elin will be furious when she sees the footage. The photos are being offered to her attorneys, and would be absolute dynamite in a divorce hearing.”

“Elin had been told that her husband was in Las Vegas at a sports event when the photos prove that he actually had ducked out to California and was hooking up with one of his floozies,” revealed the close source.

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