DealFer: Earn money recommending products on Twitter and Facebook

Earn money recommending products on Twitter and Facebook

The few, the proud, the dealhunters. Though our ranks have grown during the past year as frugal became not only fashionable but practical, dealhunters like myself have long enjoyed the thrill of finding an item so deeply discounted you almost felt bad buying it. We loved finding deals so much that we constantly shared our skill with friends and family, tracking down the best prices on HDTVs and back-to-school supplies for nothing more than the reward of helping a friend and finding a good deal. With a new service from you can actually earn cash sharing deals and it's easy for your friends and family to participate. DealFer is simple to use and works much like the recent feature that Amazon rolled out in 2009 that let users tweet deals and earn money from purchases, except DealFer works on more than just Amazon. In fact you can share deals from hundreds of online retailers with commissions ranging from 1% to 15%. Participating retailers include well known stores:
To share a deal on Facebook, Twitter or with a friend, you just need to drop the link into the DealFer link creator and it will give you a short link tied to your account that makes it easy to share. For example, if you wanted to share a special on a Gap sweatshirt with a friend on Twitter you could send her this link, (This sample link was provided by DealFer as an example and does not earn WalletPop or this author any commission) All earnings are paid via PayPal after your account has earned $25 in referrals and your balance rolls over month to month until you are eligible for a payout. What I like about DealFer is that, while asking your friend to reward you for saving them a few hundred bucks is tacky, asking them to use a referral link so that you earn a few bucks is perfectly fine. Even at 1% a referral to purchase a new Apple computer pays out close to $10, combine this with other deals you already share and it's easy to see how you could earn enough to cover a couple movie tickets or savings towards your next gadget. If you do use DealFer, do us all a favor and don't become an adbot spamming your friends and family with every deal you see. Stick to the really good deals and be sure to let your followers know that you earn a commission on the product.

by Josh Smith
12:05 AM

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