Celebrities : victims of plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery can turn a comment into ugly duckling beautiful swans, however, not everyone is lucky to interfere with the appearance of the sun themselves. Many stars have suffered the consequences "disastrous" for cutlery and other toxic substances pumping silicone implant into the body.

Bohuc News at a considerable number of victims of commercial plastic surgery:

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Because addiction to edit beauty, Jocelyne Wildenstein woman beautiful woman has become a face like a lion species. Her eyes rounded to capital, by being stretched too many times has become narrower and Xếch make light eyes look like species tiger report. Eyelids were stretched to the point she could not close eyes while sleeping. Jocelyne skin surface smooth as baby skin, or the skin of both burns, according to those who say the exclusive mouth.

Husband can not bear to watch daily face looked strange, so bizarre he had a divorce.

Carrot Top

Male comedian Carrot Top also makes friends and colleagues crisis when he has to "refurbish" Now the face of the capital full of humor and tear of sympathy to a man of his aggressive and intimidating. Not understand what caused the Carrot in their own right who the worst of this planet?

Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku is a Korean singer, age 48, surgery in the first 28 years of age. Since then she moved to live in Japan to satisfy media addicts surgery, mostly on the face. Hang deformed face to all the surgeons are afraid to visit her and refused.

Not long after the television series to South Korea are about the same cave. Many audience compassionate, have sent money donated to her surgery to shrink the face. Doctors tried to help recover somewhat Hang face the same. After several stages, her face was smaller but significant consequences to face is deformed and scar interlaced.

Michael Jackson

"Victims" most famous plastic surgery is no other Viking pop. It's hard to give exact number of surgery Michael Jackson has undergone: change skin, change the nose, 'shaping' the chin ... and can not say he succeeded. From a tip to the guy, full of life with each thick curly hair typical of people of color, Michael Jackson fans were ecstatic when going from variable to change the other, each worse than.

Donatella Versace

Famous designer brand Versace - Donatella Versace was 55 years old. She has been through many plastic surgery on both body and face. However the product of cosmetic doctors do not make as expected, even by Donatella bad label text to the right people screaming cry. In addition, excessive weight loss has devastated the whole of what is called the curve on her body.
Donatella Versace few days ago was showing complete natural body lean clogs terrible dry as a bone her on a beach and many people were stunned when viewing photos is chop.

Priscilla Presley

Ex-wife of Elvis Presley diva trying not to ignore first wave to find the beauty in cutlery. After the overdose of Botox with change in multiple waves, Priscilla Presley is even more afraid of the cosmetics.

Priscilla's wrong when she was selected as the surgery at Daniel Serrano, a doctor without qualifications. Infamous doctor later was jailed in 2006. Former wife of his king rock & roll music is one of the victims were Daniel Serrano to a silicon unsafe in the body.

Burt Reynolds

From a film actor handsome, professional plays the role in the film cowboy hero, Burt Reynolds was in their own right to "old man" of Asia with the aesthetic face, eyelid surgery. He increasingly looks much older than his age.

Tara Reid

It is the body of the actress Tara Reid before and after plastic surgery. From an attractive model photography for Playboy magazine, just as wild to raise crops that result in her chest had a chest full of scars and abdominal skin using wizen driving. Actress Tara Reid admits she has lost the opportunity to play block invisible film just because "farming wild" to raise the chest: "It not only affects the first round but I do deformed abdomen. I can not wear bikini like previous addition.
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