The Top Celebrity Scandals of 2009: Part 1

14. The Nasty Gosselin Divorce - This comes in last because honestly, who didn’t see this coming? Picture perfect family of ridiculously large proportions, throw in some media coverage and a reality show, and bam, –the dirty secrets start popping out of the woodwork. Kate Gosselin doesn’t strike me as the particularly innocent, but Jon was obviously the king douchebag in this scenario. Thank god he was ordered to stop appearing in the media.

13. Carrie Prejean Sex Tape – A beauty queen with a taped sex scene? The only thing more predictable than a beauty queen’s vapidity and sexual indiscretion is the divorce of a camera-happy picture perfect family. The only thing that secured Carrie Prejean a spot on this list were the various spoof videos of her sex tape, –fabulously funny stuff.

12. Chris Brown Arrested for Battery Against Rihanna – Someone, somewhere, was eventually going to batter Rihanna; she’s a loud, trashy woman who once crashed the wedding of her own relative, and was asked to leave for her behavior. Since then, I’ve been pretty sure that someone would eventually kick her ass. Am I sorry it was a guy? Not really, but the battered women groups will gut me later, if I don’t express a little regret. This is me, expressing some regret.

11. David Letterman Extortion Scandal - Once again, not that surprising, in that celebrities are often victims of extortion, –what was surprising, was that it turned out to be the producer of Letterman’s show that was trying to blackmail him. For what purpose, who knows, since I figure the guy made plenty of money already anyway. Maybe Letterman is just an asshole in real life?

10. Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy Sex Tape – This was plenty surprising, however, it wasn’t actually a scandal; Eric Dane wasn’t embarrassed, or humiliated, since the evening was a consensual event between adults. He was depicted with his girlfriend, and another woman in a threesome, while he did most of the filming. Way to go Eric Dane, for joining the kinkster crowd!

by Ashley

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