Tara Reid – Celebrity Trainwreck #35

Tara Reid
November 8 1975 in New Jersey

Famous for:
Roles in American Pie and American Pie 2 while movie aficionados might know her better for her role as Bunny Lebowski in the cult classic Big Lebowski. Other then that the only claim Tara Reid has to fame is dating a string of high profile athletes.

What went wrong?
Obviously the movie roles dried up and she had to do something with herself. She was dubbed top party animal by In Touch Weekly but as hard as she tried that had not landed her any movie roles. Apart from dating assorted sportsmen she is also very and I mean very prone to wardrobe malfunction the most famous one happening at the Puffy Diddy’s (or whatever his name is at the moment) birthday party.

Her whole boob fell out and lemme tell you that is one strange looking boob. Anyhow, recently she went on a tour to UK and Australia and collapsed at one point. I think the reason given was dehydration or some other bullshit publicists came up with. If recent pictures are anything to go by it seems Tara keeps herself hydrated well enough, she is just on a food strike. Not like Ghandi – hunger strike for a good cause, but in all probability she is not eating to avoid another liposuction or something of the sort.

Tara Reid Video:

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