Sean Young – Celebrity Trainwreck #13

Sean Young 1
November 20 1959 in Louisville.

Famous for:
The limo scene in No Way Out with Kevin Costner. Also appeared in Dune, Fatal Instinct and Boost. Sean Young has received quite a few Razzie nominations over the years – she was nominated 7 times and won twice.

What went wrong?
To say Sean Young’s career has been problematic is putting it mildly. She had a role as Michael Douglas’ wife in Wall Street, but her time on screen was reduced because of the clash with Oliver Stone. She was fired from Dick Tracy (she says because she turned down the famous womanizer Warren Beaty, which he denied). Sean Young stalked James Woods, who sued her and she lost the role in Batman movie because she broke her arm before the filming began. She tried to get a role in the next Batman movie – she even went as far as making her own Catwoman outfit and appearing on the set to confront the director Tim Burton.

Crazy is as crazy does. Meltdown came not long ago when she got kicked out of Directors Guild Awards. Sean Young was pissed and kept heckling people on stage so she got thrown out. Currently she is in rehab.
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