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Orgasms: Good for body, mind and soul

8:14 AM

Orgasms, what’s not to love? - That wash of electrical energy that bursts from our genitals to our toes; leaving that achingly pleasurable pulse of satisfaction and relaxation. How could something that feels so good be good for you too? Usually, anything that causes such pleasure (downing a bottle of wine, eating that whole box of chocolates) isn’t considered “good” for us. Luckily, researchers and physicians are finally wising up to what some of us already knew: sex and orgasms are good for your body, mind and soul. Specifically it’s now being confirmed that sex and orgasm have positive effects on most of the major bodily processes, as well as soothing our stressed out minds.

So, we’ve chosen to enlighten (or remind) everyone that orgasms are good and sexual repression can mean that you’re not as fit as you could be. So, let’s review the research and along the way suggest some vibrators to help you stay healthy.


Relieve Tension: The relaxation that typically follows orgasm is often one of the few times people actually allow themselves to completely relax and let go of the day’s stresses. In the afterglow of an orgasm it’s usually impossible to focus on distracting thoughts. And the Classic Vibe, delivers consistent vibration that you can always count on when the stress is too much.

Help you sleep better: Following an orgasm men usually experience a quick drop in blood pressure and fall into sudden relaxation. For women the effect is more progressive but just as powerful. Consider orgasm as your own personal tranquilizer – throw the Ambien out and overcome insomnia. Let the joyful release of endorphins take over and calm your body and mind right into a nap -- except you might want to negotiate with your partner for a little pre-nap kanoodle before they konk out.

Boost your immune system: With orgasm DHEA is released and Dr. Theresa Crenshaw author of Alchemy of Love and Lust, says, “DHEA may be the most powerful chemical in our personal world. It helps balance the immune system, improves cognition, promotes bone growth, and maintains and repairs tissues, keeping your skin healthy and supple. It can mean less frequent colds and flu.” In fact, Wilkes University in Pennsylvania says those who have sex once or twice a week show 30% higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system.

Reduce Depression: Well, who wouldn’t be happier with an orgasm a day? Many hormones are positively affected by the act of sex and orgasm, which can lead to a lighter mood. Another theory is proposed by psychologist Gordon Gallup who states that Prostaglandin, a hormone found only in semen (which upon being absorbed in the female genital tract) may have led to 30% more of his female study participants to report feeling happier than the participants who didn’t have men ejaculate inside of them. So, he can apparently make you feel happy inside and out. But in case you don’t want to rely upon “him” try the Jake, .

Help you eat better: Sexual stimulation activates the production of phenetylamine, a natural amphetamine that regulates your appetite. So start curbing those midnight cravings with a little midnight sex.

Improve your sense of smell: It seems kind of random but apparently after sex, the production of the hormone prolactin surges. This then causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb -- its smell center. Perhaps this is why pheromones are so important in attraction.

Strengthen your body: Muscle contraction as a form of exercise is generally good for any muscle. The muscle contraction associated with orgasm can also address issues such as erection problems and incontinence. When 178 Belgian men with minor erection problems participated in a four month daily rehabilitation program which primarily focused on Kegel exercises, 74% showed improvement and 43% reported they were cured. For women, Kegels strengthen the entire uro-genital tract, aid in easing childbirth and prevents the onset of incontinence.

Alleviate Pain: Oxytocin should be everyone’s favorite hormone. When oxytocin is secreted in your body it helps release those wonderful endorphins we’ve been discussing. Because of these natural opiates, sex and specifically orgasm become a powerful analgesic, elevating the pain threshold. Orgasms can even help to relieve the pain of arthritis, whiplash and headaches. Now that’s a prescription everyone can follow.

Reduce your risk of heart disease: It’s simple -- by having sex three or more times a week, individuals reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke by half. The Slim Classic, can help guarantee that you’ll remain heart healthy.

Increase blood flow: As fresh blood supply arrives, your cells, organs and muscles are saturated with fresh oxygen and hormones, and as the used blood is removed, you also remove waste products that cause fatigue and even illness. This can be contributed to all of that deep breathing and muscle contraction occurring up to and through orgasm.

Help you lose weight: There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. For every 3500 calories you burn you will lose one pound of fat. Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories per half hour. In comparison, yoga uses 114 calories per half hour, dancing 129, walking - 3mph 153, weight training 153, volleyball 174. The pulse rate, in an aroused person, rises from about 70 beats per minute to 150, the same as that of an athlete putting forth maximum effort. British researchers have determined that the equivalent of six Big Macs can be worked off by having sex three times a week for a year. For some “candy” you can really enjoy while burning those calories, try the Lollipop.

Create healthier relationships: Oxytocin is also considered the bonding hormone -- another reason to love it. It spikes three to five times higher than usual just before orgasm, actually triggering it. It can also be elevated through touch. Maybe that’s why so many of us feel compelled to blurt out how much we love our partner at climax. Either way, you’re partner will probably be happy to welcome the Jimmy, into bed.

Help you to live longer: A British study of 1,000 people found those who had at least two orgasms a week had half the death rate of the rest of the country which admitted to indulging in sex less than once a month. Live long and prosper with lots of orgasms!

Copyright: and Dr. Kathleen Van Kirk

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