Miss France Valerie Begue Photos Scandal

Meet Valerie Begue, Miss France. See all of her scandalous photos, biography, and video here so you can make up your own mind about the appropriateness of these pictures licking yogurt, crucified on the cross, and nude under water.
Valerie Begue is in a world of trouble. After winning the Miss France 2008 competition, naughty photos of her emerged which put her crown in jeopardy. The clamor in France is for her to resign, but she is fighting the establishment for crucifying her.
Valérie Bègue Biography

Her downfall is a result of the suggestive photo of her suggestively licking yogurt, shockingly crucified on a cross, a nude picture under water, and other pics with her nipples showing through a wet t-shirt. Look closely for those in the photo gallery below.

As a biography, Valerie Begue was born September 26th, 1985, which makes her legal in all 50 states to drink “yogurt.” The President of the Miss France pageant, Geneviève de Fontenay, has publicly insisted that she resign. She is refusing and good for her, but she may get the boot anyway. She insists that the naughty images were not authorized pictures and has dismissed it as poor judgment during a test modeling shoot.

Tell me why this is considered poor judgment and why there is anything scandalous to this story. The image on the cross is not disrespectful and the nude photos are something that any French model is expected to do. I like the yogurt one too because it is creative and playful.

See all of the images below and tell us what you think. If you want yogurt, just blow it up with a mouse click like you have done a thousand times before. Video included.

Valerie Begue Photograph
Say cheese, Valerie Begue you're having your photo taken!
Miss France
Valerie Begue will remain Miss France 2008, despite photos such as this one having been leaked on the Internet. At least Katie Rees would be proud of her.
Valerie Begue Pic
Should Valerie Begue be stripped of her crown because she emulated Jesus Christ? Would there be an uproar if she posed seductively on a Star of David? You tell us!
Valerie Begue Picture
On December 8, Valerie Begue was crowned Miss France. A few weeks later, controversial photos of the beauty queen emerged and now that title is in question.
Valerie Begue Photo
Valerie Begue may lose her title as Miss France. Why? Photos like this, in which she is posing like some sort of Christ figure. Or Christ Himself. Valerie Begue, you are crazy, baby.
Valerie Begue Picture
Will Valerie Begue keep her crown as Miss France 2008? Not if those that are disturbed by her leaked, Jesus-like pictures have anything to say about it.
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