Keith Richards – Celebrity Trainwreck #20

December 18 1943 in Dartford, Kent.

Famous for:
Founding member of one the biggest rock and roll band in history the Rolling Stones and his quite open drug use. Oh and his guitar playing is not half bad as well.

What went wrong?
Keith became notorious in 60s and 70s. Dad worked security at one of their concerts and took my mum backstage in an attempt to woo her. To this day, she dismisses them as arrogant pricks as the concert was late for an hour because Mick decided to play basketball. Ah well, I quite like their music. But I jest.

Very early on Keith was quite open about his drug use and was caught many times with illegal substances (they called it expanding their minds in them days). As Robin Williams delightfully put it after a nuclear holocaust the only one left standing would be Keith Richards and the cockroaches. Even though he is an old fossil, Keith has not changed his ways much. In 2006 he stated he stopped taking drugs, not because of his health but because drugs were not strong enough anymore. He managed to fall off a coconut tree which delayed the Rolling Stones tour in 2006. Asked about what was the weirdest drug he has ever taken he stated he snorted his dad’s ashes. All together – ewwww.

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