How to level-up fast in Farmville on FACEBOOK

Tips on playing Farmville on FACEBOOK

One of the good application games on FACEBOOK is FARMVILLE, this game looks the same as farmtown.

1. Plow your whole field.

2.After you have plowed the field, plant a seed that is good for hours, if you have time. But if your a once a day gamer, plant a seed that could be harvested the next day.

3. Invite more friends to join you as one of their neighbors in farmville.

4.Everytime you play, be sure to visit all of your neighbors (friends).

5. if you are a certified farmtown addict and your always in front of the computer, try planting the strawberries, they get ripe within 4 hours.

6. If you're just playing after getting from work or school, try planting peas. It's good for one day, so after you harvested and plowed, you plant peas, and by tomorrow, its already good for harvest.

7. Lastly if you're already on level 13, try to buy a harvester so that you'll save more time and do more.

Happy Playing!

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