How to Gain FarmVille Bucks (Dollars) and other Secrets and Mysteries

Gain FarmVille Bucks

A Facebook friend invited you to be their neighbor on Zynga's Farmville. Since you've been curious about what all the fuss and fun is about, you accept the neighbor request and decide to start a farm. Not a lot of direction is provided, you live and you learn and you ask your friends as you go. Suddenly, you find yourself almost addicted to the farming game, yet frustrated at the same time. Nowhere can you find how to earn FarmVille dollars. Your coins rack up, but again, you aren't even certain why you gain some of them. And XP - you still can't figure out what it is or what makes this number rise. This article will tell you how to gain FarmVille bucks, coins and XP.

Step 1: Log on to your farm once a day to win coins in the daily raffle. In FarmVille, your coins do not add up to FarmVille bucks (dollars). Coins and Bucks are two independent types of money. Plant seeds, coins are earned according to the crop sowed. Harvest animals, crops or trees, more coins are earned. Collect bonus coins when your FarmVille neighbors and other Facebook friends are awarded achievement ribbons. Sell an animal, tree or farm decoration and you gain even more coins. And, if you haven't realized this on your own yet, every now and again mystery coins float out of your fields while you are harvesting. They are worth 100 coins each, and as you increase the size of your farm, it seems the frequency of this exciting bonus increases as well.

Step 2: Help your neighbors with crows or weeds on their farms and you earn XP. XP actually refers to 'experience', which you need to move up to the next level. Gain more XP by planting higher level crops, purchasing certain farm decorations, even plowing your own fields. Expand your farm, also a wise way to boost XP. Purchasing farming machinery is a waste of your coins, but a good way to bump up your XP. These tractors, seeders and plows require fuel, which can only be purchased with FarmVille Bucks, not coins. FarmVille bucks are not easy to come by, rendering the equipment practically useless.

Step 3: Earn one Farmville buck for each and every level you achieve. Period. There are no other ways to get them, unless you purchase them with your real hard earned cash in the form of Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Seriously. Nothing else you buy, sell or do in the game will get you those precious and mysterious FarmVille bucks. You can farm well without them, tho. If you see a farm item in the MarketPlace with a Farmville buck price on it, wait it out. Usually, after you level up a few times, you will notice these same items now can be purchased with the coins you readily bank away. Expanded farms is a good example. When you are at lower levels, the larger farms only have Buck values on them. Reach a few levels higher and you will be able to buy them with coins. The fuel, however, never seems to change from bucks to coins. Refer to the screen shot in the illustration. This player (me) has achieved level 30, earned 46,000 XP, accumulated 415,000 coins, yet oddly has only SEVEN FarmVille bucks. Also note the EMPTY fuel gauge near the bottom of the screen.

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