How To Buy A Trailer Park And Convert It Into Easy Cash

How To Buy A Trailer Park And Convert  It Into Easy Cash
Want to learn How To Buy A Trailer Park? Allen Miller got the idea one day when he was almost broke and completely hung over. He went down to the worst trailer park in his city and bought an old trailer with his last $1200.

The next day, he sold that trailer for more than $5,000. It was the easiest money he’d ever made, and it turned out to be just the beginning. He now makes $7,000-$10,000 a month buying and reselling old trailer homes, and in this audio you’ll learn how you can make that kind of money too.

The best part about the how to transaction is that trailers are not real estate. They’re personal property and sell as easily as a used car. So, you don’t have to worry about real estate agents, inspectors, loan approvals, or a mountain of paperwork. But you do need to know how to make the deals and how to make sure you’re covering your back with a few key, legal documents. And in this audio, Allen will tell you how to do all of that.

The Basic Idea: Allen has his buyers pay a down payment upfront, which is always the same as the price he paid for the trailer. Of course, this leaves everything else as profit. Then, he “finances” the rest by having the buyer pay him a couple hundred every month for about three years in order to “rent to own” their trailer. It’s a great idea. Here's how to learn more.

Tips You Should Know About How To Buy A Trailer Park

Why you’ll want to look for low-end, beaten-up mobile home to buy and why you won’t want to fix them up before you sell them
How to find trailers for sale in your city and what to say to get the best deal
Where to advertise your mobile and what your ad should say so that you find perfect buyers
Why Allen suggests you never try to be your own property manager for your mobile home and how to find a good one instead
How to lay out the terms of the deal so you’re legally covered
The angles to use when you sell your mobile home so that buyers will want to agree to your terms and your price
And much more
We’ve all seen mobile home parks – most cities in the United States have a bunch of them. But most of us have never considered how to do anything with them as anything more than the punch line to a few bad jokes.

Allen is the only guy I know who’s laughing all the way to the bank, though. And you'll learn how to do what he does.

This is a little known, budding opportunity that can make you serious money if you know how to work it right. So sit back, relax and learn all about How To Buy A Trailer Park and make a decent living turning your city’s mobile “trash” into instant cash. Enjoy. Laws are different in different places. Please make sure you check in your town to see if you need a dealers license to buy trailer homes. Enjoy.

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