Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks

50. Maryland

2008 Ranking: 47

Featuring one of the more female friendly mascots in the country, this ACC school has a deep roster of hot girls who are probably a little more into having fun than their counterparts at other schools in the area like Georgetown or Johns Hopkins.

49. Washington State

2008 Ranking: 41

Some of the best tailgating on the west coast, and also featuring some of the hottest cheerleaders, Wazzu just sneaks onto our 2009 list.

48. Iowa

2008 Ranking: 39

Some of the cutest girls in the world live in Iowa City. It must be all the corn and good solid midwestern breeding.

47. Mississippi State

2008 Ranking: NR

Mississippi State gets overshadowed by Ole Miss, (and probably deservedly so), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to look at in Starkville. Bonus points for ridiculously hot cheerleaders.

46. Michigan State

2008 Ranking: 27

Michigan State takes a bit of a tumble in this year’s rankings, what with the state of Michigan facing down the economic apocalypse and all, but there are still lots of cute girls in Lansing. Lots to choose from on this campus, with 45k+ undergrads in total.

45. Delaware

2008 Ranking: NR

I have never heard much about Delaware in general, but reader response last year made us realize we made a mistake leaving off the uh … Fightin’ Blue Hens. Yes, their mascot is a chicken, but the hot girls here make up for it. The girl above won College Humor’s hottest co-ed in America contest a couple of years back, we accidentally had her listed under North Carolina last year (she’s wearing a UNC hat), but we’ve corrected things in 2009. Better late than never!

44. Oregon State

2008 Ranking: 46

Featuring the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Oregon State has lots of fit, nature loving girls that make the trip to Corvallis well worth it.

43. Vanderbilt

2008 Ranking: 31

We tend to lean towards big state schools that have thousands and thousands of attractive girls to choose from in our Hottest Student Bodies compilations, but there’s something to be said for the wealthier private schools as well. Rich, snobby Southern girls might not be your thing, but if they are then Vanderbilt is exactly the place you’re looking for.

42. North Carolina

2008 Ranking: 28

One of the strongest public universities in the country, UNC also has a lot to offer on the female front. All the super nerdy North Carolina girls go to Duke, so Chapel Hill isn’t a bad place to be if you’re looking for girls who know how to have a good time outside of the classroom.

41. Colorado

2008 Ranking: 34

Colorado is the place to go if you’re interested in snow bunnies – it has one of the largest and most active ski clubs in the country. One of the more beautiful settings in the country outside of coastal beach centric schools attracts all kinds of hotties.

40. San Diego State

2008 Ranking: NR

San Diego State was easily one of the schools we left off last year that provoked the most outcry, and it’s no surprise that the student body here is especially attractive, as San Diego is one of the best places to live in the US.

39. Kansas

2008 Ranking:

Kansas as a state gets a pretty bad (possibly well deserved) rap, but Lawrence is an oasis of normal in an otherwise harsh environment. This extends to the Jayhawk women, featuring lots of midwestern hotties. The rest of the state might not be anything worth writing home about when it comes to quality of women, but KU isn’t bad at all.

38. Missouri

2008 Ranking: 49

Missouri has over 30k total students, giving you quite a bit of eye candy to choose from. Their national profile has been on the rise a little bit in recent years, as the football team is coming off two fairly decent seasons.

37. Pacific

2008 Ranking: 48

Pacific is a smaller school, but it has a sweet 58% female student body, as well as a beautiful campus that’s been the setting for many Hollywood movies.

36. Clemson

2008 Ranking: 15

Clemson gets the Southern bonus (southern schools are pretty clearly the hottest in the country, – this can’t be denied whatever your geographical bias), plus they have exemplary cheerleaders.

35. Oregon

2008 Ranking: 11

Oregon athletes have to wear all of that bizarre Nike test clothing, but it actually looks pretty cute on women, especially with the unique color scheme. Eugene, Oregon is one of the most beautiful cities in the US, with lots of great outdoor recreational activities that draw in lots of hot athletic types.

34. Louisville

2008 Ranking: 44

Louisville is having a great year, with one of the best college basketball teams in the nation this season. You won’t find quite as many hotties on the Louisville campus as you will at UK, but believe it or not it’s not a bad thing to be the second hottest school in Kentucky.

33. UNLV

2008 Ranking: 26

We said it last year, and it still holds true: UNLV has to have the most strippers per capita of any school in the country. You can see evidence of this with their killer dance team, pictured above.

32. Virginia Tech

2008 Ranking: 45

I’m sure the haters will claim there aren’t any hot women at Virginia Tech because it’s a math and science school, but with over 20k undergrads you’re bound to find some hotties. And hey, bonus if you’re the kind of guy that likes the geeky type.

31. South Florida

2008 Ranking: 20

USF is a massive school located in Tampa, with nearly 35k undergrads. It’s actually one of the ten largest schools in the entire country, and it draws lots of hot girls who are interested in beaches and sun.

30. Indiana

2008 Ranking: 43

Indiana hoops have sadly fallen on some hard times, but the quality of female at IU has stayed strong. Not only are the girls here hot, they’re likely to be sweet as well, what with all the midwestern good manners that have been bred into them.

29. Oklahoma

2008 Ranking: 36

Much like earlier entry Kansas, Oklahoma is a bit of a barren wasteland until you get on campus. But once you get to Norman you’ll have lots of fun tailgating and girl watching. Plus, as we said last year (we just had to reuse the picture), the girls here really know how to dress for football Saturdays.

28. TCU

2008 Ranking: 42

Sure, this is ostensibly a Christian school, but it’s often the pious girl that’s the most fun … even if you have to get her behind closed doors to really find that out. Texas shools all have lots of A list talent and TCU is right there with the best of them.

27. Central Florida

2008 Ranking: NR

Another egregious omission from last year’s list, Central Florida is the fifth largest school in the country with over 50k students. Located in beautiful Orlando, Florida, UCF doesn’t get the press for it’s hot co-eds that other Florida schools get, but it is definitely competitive and worthy of a solid spot on our list.

26. Wisconsin

2008 Ranking: 22

Winter are long in Wisconsin, leaving lots of time for drunken debauchery and wild parties, leading to lots of very corrupt hot college girls wandering around Madison. Every year we do this list the quality of Wisconsin women surprises me, it definitely defies some of the stereotypes you typically hear about the state.

25. UCLA

2008 Ranking: 7

UCLA draws from what is probably the most beautiful city in the country, and it’s probably a toss up whether they or USC has the hottest cheerleaders in the nation.

24. North Carolina State

2008 Ranking: 33

Not quite as famous as their Chapel Hill counterparts, but still lots of grade A talent at this Raleigh campus. North Carolina is probably an underrated state overall for hot college girls.

23. Utah

2008 Ranking: 29

It truly is a paradox, Mormon girls are some of the hottest on earth, and yet they are Mormon. But Utah is a bit of a compromise, because, after all, it’s not BYU at least.

22. Ohio State

2008 Ranking: 24

Numbers are in your favor at Ohio State, with over 25k female undergrads. In the spring walking around the Oval can be damn near a religious experience with all the girls taking full advantage of warmer temperatures.

21. Washington

2008 Ranking: 19

The University of Washington features one of the most gorgeous natural settings in America, with Mount Ranier visible from campus and the school sits at the edge of the Union and Portage Bays. This attracts lots of granola loving hot girls, so if you’re into that type you’d be in heaven at UW.

20. Penn State

2008 Ranking: 37

It’s hard to find women who aren’t pretty cheery when they live in a place called Happy Valley. Which is in the middle of nowhere, so there’s really not much to do at Penn State except get drunk and hook up, a major plus in our book.

19. Kentucky

2008 Ranking: 23

When your school mascot is basically Ashley Judd you know you’re doing something right.

18. Arkansas

2008 Ranking: 13

And now, with Kentucky and Arkansas, we really start to enter the SEC portion of the program. My sports allegiances don’t lie with this conference, but it’s impossible to deny the hotness of it’s women. Arkansas is no exception.

17. Texas

2008 Ranking:

Plus 1: it’s a southern school with great weather. Plus 2: you’re talking about the largest university in the country, so there’s going to be something for everyone. Not a bad place to do four years at all.

16. Miami (OH)

2008 Ranking: NR

Miami of Ohio is one of the more underrated schools in the country for hot women, and we’re correcting that with this list. While the campus is a bit homogeneous (if you visit you’ll see mostly hot blonde girls wearing the preppiest clothes possible), the quality in Oxford can’t be denied.

15. UC Santa Barbara

2008 Ranking: NR

Ranked second on Playboy’s latest college rankings for party schools, UC Santa Barbara has the benefit of a location that’s like honey for attracting hot girls who love the ocean. The girl you see above graduated from UCSB with a degree in film studies.

14. LSU

2008 Ranking: 10

A great football team, and some of the hottest baton and dancer girls in the nation, what’s not to love? LSU girls also tend to have cute accents, if you’re into that sort of thing.

13. South Carolina

2008 Ranking: 6

Gamecock women (so tough not to be juvenile there) are easily some of the hottest in the country. Don’t knock Southern hospitality, these are some of the sweetest hot girls you’ll find anywhere.

12. USC

2008 Ranking: 2

The USC Song Girls are probably the hottest cheerleaders in the nation, and the rest of the campus doesn’t suffer in comparison. Whether you attend UCLA or USC, you really can’t lose going to school in LA.

11. University of Miami (FL)

2008 Ranking: 17

Miami is easily one of the hottest cities in the country overall, so it’s no surprise that it’s major university would rank pretty highly on a list of hottest student bodies. Miami sunshine and the great beaches are a great attraction for hot girls, and you’ll find plenty here.

10. Tennessee

2008 Ranking: 25

I think we nailed it last year with this lyric from “Rocky Top”:

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top,
Half bear the other half cat;

9. Georgia

2008 Ranking: 9

The great thing about southern women is that they take tremendous pride in their appearance, and you won’t see that more than in Georgia. Girls wear heels and put on makeup just to make a Taco Bell run in Athens, and the world is a better place for it.

8. Arizona

2008 Ranking: 21

Arizona gives Florida a real run for it’s money when it comes to states with the hottest overall college girls, as both Arizona and Arizona State make high appearances on our list. There’s just something about all the sunshine I guess.

7. Auburn

2008 Ranking: 8

Auburn features lots of hot sorority girls, and a beautiful campus with tons of tradition. Like most SEC shools, autumn Saturdays are the closest thing to heaven at Auburn, with tons of hot girls appear, wearing dresses and getting busy getting plastered.

6. Alabama

2008 Ranking: 18

We thought it was appropriate that Alabama and Auburn go back to back, what with it being one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. The girls here are your typical Southern belles, wearing dresses to football games and doing their damndest to look as hot as possible at all times.

5. Florida State

2008 Ranking: 3

Florida State’s athletics continued taking some hits in 2008, but the student body is as hot as ever.

4. Arizona State

2008 Ranking: 1

Last year’s number ones relinquish the top spot this year, but that’s no knock as they are still easily a top school. As mentioned earlier, Arizona is obviously a great place to go to school for the college aged male.

3. Texas Tech

2008 Ranking: NR

Easily the biggest omission from 2008, we are downright embarassed that we left Texas Tech off of our inaugural list. We’re making up for it this year with a #3 spot, making Texas Tech easily our highest debut entry.

2. Florida

2008 Ranking: 4

University of Florida women have become legends in recent years. I can’t tell you how many UF hot girl galleries I’ve seen on various blogs in the past couple of years, but there are plenty out there. Gainesville has had a lot of sports success in recent years to be proud of, but they can be just as proud of all their hot female undergrads.

1. Ole Miss

2008 Ranking: 5

I think we’ve pretty well established that the SEC is the hottest conference in the country, and I think if you asked most SEC fans which school had the hottest girls you’d probably get a lot of different answers, but I’d bet you’d hear Ole Miss more than any other school. You just have to take a trip to the Grove on any football Saturday to see that they are a much deserved number one for 2009.

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