Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have a round face, there are certain hairstyles that you want to look at, and there are some styles that you will want to avoid as well. But first, you will need to determine whether you do have a round face or not. First, you will need a soft tape measure to take a few measurements of your face. Measure the face across the top of the cheekbones first. Then, measure your jaw line from the widest point on the side of your jaw to the widest point on the opposite side. Next, measure the tip of your face line to the bottom on your chin. And finally, measure across your forehead at the widest point (usually between the eyebrows and hairline). If you have a round face, you will have fullness at and below the cheekbones.

The best hairstyles for a round face will include features such as layered bangs, short styles that heighten the look of the crown, adding length under the chin, keeping hair closer to the face, and curls around the crown to create height. Really long styles can also benefit a round face by giving it a more slender shape.

IE: Mandy Moore Medium/Long Hairstyle with Bangs

hairstyles for round faces

For those with a larger round face, you will want to keep the hair around your face above chin level. This will draw the eyes upward and away from the chin. A bob is a hairstyle you might want to consider. And if you are dealing with other physical features, such as a short neck, you can grow out the back of your hair a little longer in order to make the neck appear longer.

IE: Katie Holmes Bob Haircut

hairstyles for round faces

And cuts are not the only style factor that can help to make the shape of your face work for you. You can get highlights that are woven around the face to create a halo effect. This will make the round face look more slender.

IE: Kelly Clarkson Angled Bob Hairstyle w/ Highlights

It’s important that anyone with a round face does not conform to a style just to make their face look better. Go ahead and wear your hair any length that you like, then find style tips for your particular length that will aid in making your face look thinner.

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