Guatemala: Woman who tried to rob a bus stripped and almost gets lynched by the crowd

In Guatemala, Alejandra Maria Torres, along with three men attempted to rob the passengers of a bus at gunpoint, but while the three men escaped on foot, she was stopped.

She was stripped naked and beaten by the residents of Guatemala City. The mob threw stones at her and tried to burn her with gasoline when she was saved by the intervention of the police.

Lynchings are wreaking havoc in Guatemala. In a recent 15-day span, nine people have been lynched by citizens who chose to take justice into their own hands.

In the past year, lynch mobs have attacked over 250 people, resulting in at least 42 deaths. The figures are scary, but they reflect the reality that Guatemala has not forgotten a crucial part of its grisly past.

In addition to the deaths caused, the lynchings reflect the inadequacy and inaccessibility of state justice institutions and the legacies of violence from civil war and state-sponsored genocide.

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