FarmVille Cheats: The FarmVille Cheats That You Need To Know

Everyone these days are searching for FarmVille cheats and although most of the so called FarmVille Cheats are actually FarmVille strategy these techniques can make a huge difference in your success over on Facebook. This article will cover the famous FarmVille hay bale cheat, what animals perform the best and what plants perform the best. With the knowledge gained from this particular article you will be well on your way to success

The FarmVille Hay Bale Cheat

The FarmVille hay bale cheat is such a simple technique yet the additional speed it gives your game is rather amazing. The FarmVille hay bale cheat is pulled off by laying out a C" formation in the middle of your FarmVille farm. Once this is constructed just get your farmer to stand in the middle and close him in with a fourth hay bale trapping him inside. What the FarmVille hay bale cheat does is instead of having to wait for your farmer to walk to where you want to work next on your farm the game automatically goes to that area without any hesitation. Very simple and very effective.

FarmVille Cheats: What Animals Perform Best In FarmVille

Now knowing which animal is going to give you the most points and coins in the long run is essential if you ever plan on living in the million dollar villa. What is important regarding this particular FarmVille cheat or strategy is not to look at what pays off in the long term but what performs best each hour. The following list has been compiled to show how much each FarmVille animal produces each hour.

Horse: 3 days, 84 coins, 1.17 coins/hour
Goat: 2 days, 54 coins, 1.13 coins/hour
Duck: 2 days, 45 coins, 0.94 coins/hour
Sheep, Black: 3 days, 56 coins, 0.78 coins/hour*
Pig: 2 days, 30 coins, 0.63 coins/hour
Rabbit: 4 days, 60 coins, 0.63 coins/hour
Cow, Brown: 1 day, 12 coins, 0.50 coins/hour*
Sheep: 3 days, 28 coins, 0.39 coins/hour
Chicken: 1 day, 8 coins, 0.34 coins/hour
Cow: 1 day, 6 coins, 0.25 coins/hour

FarmVille Cheats: What Plants Perform The Best In FarmVille

Similar to the FarmVille animal section the following list is compiled by how much each plant earns each hour which will help you advance in FarmVille that much more quickly

Acai: 2 days, 158 coins, 2.29 coins/hour
Olive: 4 days, 112 coins, 1.67 coins/hour
Date: 3 days, 69 coins, 0.95 coins/hour
Pomegranate: 5 days, 108 coins, 0.90 coins/hour
Banana: 3 days, 56 coins, 0.78 coins/hour
Passion Fruit: 5 days, 93 coins, 0.76 coins/hour
Grapefruit: 3 days, 50 coins, 0.69 coins/hour
Lime: 5 days, 75 coins, 0.63 coins/hour
Apricot: 4 days, 56 coins, 0.58 coins/hour
Lemon: 3 days, 41 coins, 0.57 coins/hour
Fig: 3 days, 37 coins, 0.51 coins/hour
Avocado: 3 days, 37 coins, 0.51 coins/hour
Orange: 4 days, 48 coins, 0.50 coins/hour
Peach: 4 days, 47 coins, 0.49 coins/hour
Plum: 3 days, 30 coins, 0.42 coins/hour
Apple: 3 days, 28 coins, 0.39 coins/hour
Cherry: 2 days, 18 coins, 0.36 coins/hour

All of the above techniques and performance charts will help you in your FarmVille game but if you wish to compete at the highest levels than a FarmVille Strategy Guide is what you need. If you are looking for more FarmVille cheats and strategies head over to my site Untreatable Online where I have a high number of FarmVille cheats, strategies and hacks.
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