Facebook FarmVille Cheats The FarmVille Wizard Strategy Guide

When I started to play FarmVille on Facebook I did what most players did and basically tried to learn the game from scratch but within a couple of weeks I was not happy with the way my farm was performing so I began to search the internet for Facebook FarmVille cheats. After trying out a few so called cheats plus reading on a number of forums about problems people were having with FarmVille trainers and with sites that stole their FarmVille login name and password I became pretty weary about what I saw. A friend of mine who suddenly went from a FarmVille newbie to living in a million dollar Villa in an extraordinary amount of time introduced me to the FarmVille Wizard which is a Facebook FarmVille Strategy Guide.

The FarmVille Wizard cost me $27 and to be honest it was worth every single penny for now I know all of the tricks and secrets to bring my FarmVille farm to the top of the list. No more searching around the net hoping some FarmVille Guru lost his mind overnight and let out all of the secrets about my favorite Facebook name. No more filling out dodgy surveys to gain a few measly coins as my FarmVille bank account basically doubles each and every night. Now I can focus on actually playing FarmVille and not searching for help that is not available freely on the web.

Now there are people out there that consider using a Facebook FarmVille strategy guide such as the FarmVille Wizard cheating and to a very small degree I do agree but with the information I gained from the strategy guide I know now how to play the game how it was suppose to be played. I now know the importance of every single factor when it comes to FarmVille and can do what I feel is best for me and my farm. Instead of calling FarmVille Wizard a cheat look at it as an education in how to run the greatest farm possible on Facebook. If I supplied you with a ton of information and then you wrote a test about said information would that be called cheating?
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