Different Types of Female Orgasm

In 1966, Masters and Johnson defined orgasm as a series of involuntary muscular contractions, focused in the genitals, which produce a feeling of intense pleasure that may spread throughout your entire body. As early as 1953, Kinsey described orgasm as your bodys release of neuromuscular tension and the blood that has rushed to your genitals during arousal. More recently, however, research on images of womens brains during orgasm has freed the phenomenon of its genital confines. Qualitative studies detailing the diversity of female sexual response have further supported that orgasm doesnt have to be limited to ones groin.

The duration and intensity of an orgasm differs from woman to woman and from one experience to the next. Orgasm can range from an intense pinnacle of magnificent sensations that quickly fades, to a longer-lasting warmth that spreads, to a peak orgasm that gradually subsides into a series of smaller orgasms. In becoming orgasmic or more orgasmic, people are often unaware of the range of orgasm(s) women can have.

Types of Female Orgasm Research shows that women can have at least three types of orgasm: clitoral, vaginal, or blended. Most women attain orgasm by having their clitoris stimulated (a clitoral orgasm), while others may reach an intense, deep orgasm involving their uterus and reproductive system (a vaginal orgasm), especially during G-spot stimulation. Still other women may experience a blended orgasm, a combination of the two, from having both their clitoris and vagina stimulated at the same time. The vulval and uterine contractions that occur often result in this being experienced as the most powerful of the three types. In some women, female ejaculation (the release of a prostatic fluid-like substance) may accompany vaginal or combined orgasm(s).

Other Orgasms Simultaneous Orgasm On occasion, a couple will have a simultaneous orgasm. This is when the thrusting partner slows his or her pace, allowing a womans sexual response cycle to "catch up" so that they can orgasm at the same time. An amazing experience that is often accidental, it is not something that should be a goal every time you make love. Half the fun of orgasm is watching your partner have one, which is something thats hard to do if youre having your own at the same time!

Spontaneous Orgasm Your brain is your biggest sex organ, and because of that, people are able to experience all types of "hands off" orgasms. Spontaneous orgasm, a.k.a. extragenital orgasm, happens without genital contact. The person is simply been able to excite herself with erotic thoughts and fantasies to the point of orgasm, sometimes triggered by physical stimulation, e.g., touching the neck or thighs. This type of orgasm can also happen when a woman is doing a particular form of exercise, like sit-ups, or after shes already had an orgasm due to genital touch.

Nocturnal Orgasm Nocturnal orgasms, better known as "wet dreams," are another mind-triggered marvel. While youre sleeping, your brain gets you so turned on that your body goes through the sexual response cycle to the point of orgasm.

Multiple Orgasm With any of these orgasms, there is the potential for a woman to have multiple orgasms – a series of orgasms occurring within a short timeframe. If a woman is continually stimulated after reaching orgasm, her heightened state of arousal invites orgasm after orgasm. While some women state that multiple orgasms occur during sexual intercourse, the majority say that they experience multiple orgasms with clitoral stimulation during masturbation.

No matter what the orgasm, this amazing sensation is a brain mediated experience that can be triggered by both genital and nongenital stimulation, including fantasy alone. As such, its important to keep in mind that the types described in this article are just some of the more popular experiences written about. The body-minds experience of orgasm may always have something new to offer.

by Yvonne Fulbright sexualhealth.com

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