Dark Void Zero goes retro on DSiWare

Dark Void Zero goes retro on DSiWare
Capcom prepping downloadable NES-style prequel to upcoming jetpack action game, $5 title set for January release.

When Capcom announced that its jetpack-powered 3D action shooter Dark Void was coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, owners of Nintendo systems may have felt a bit left out. The publisher is rectifying that in a way, as it has revealed that it is making a downloadable DSi prequel to the game, Dark Void Zero.
Much like the company's Mega Man 9, the game is being made with an 8-bit aesthetic. But where that title took advantage of gamer nostalgia surrounding the original Mega Man series, Dark Void is an original IP with no history beyond the current game.

Undeterred, Capcom has created a fictitious backstory for the game, claiming it to be an unreleased project for the Nintendo PlayChoice 10 system, which adapted Nintendo Entertainment System games for use in arcades. In addition to blocky visuals and a new chip-tune soundtrack, Dark Void Zero evokes nostalgia by asking players to "blow" on a virtual cartridge (using the DSi's microphone) before playing the game.

When it launches in January, Dark Void Zero will cost 500 DSi points ($5). The console and PC editions of Dark Void are set to launch January 19. For more on the game.

By Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot
7:32 AM

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