Britney Spears – Celebrity Trainwreck #3

December 2 1981.

Famous for:
Baby One More Time and Oops I did it Again. Famous transformation from pig tails and school uniform to red PVC cat suit. With one Grammy and more then 83 million records sold worldwide, Madonna considered her the only worthy successor on her throne as the Queen of Pop.

What went wrong?

Oh Lord what didnt? Erratic behavior started about the time she gave birth to her second child and filed for the divorce from K-Fed. And it was downhill from there. Whether it is postpartum depression or bipolar disorder, add drugs and alcohol into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

It started with her showing her vajayjay to the world then proceeded with the shaven head and visit to rehab. She lost her kids, has taken to drive around aimlessly and started to hang out with the papparazis. It was a source of amusement for a while, however it stopped being funny long time ago.

Over the last few weeks she was institutionalized twice. It is obvious she is unwell, but it is unclear if there is anyone capable enough to reel her in and get her some help. But me thinks that is the problem because as far as Britney is concerned she does not have a problem to begin with.

Britney Spears Video:
7:30 AM

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