The Best Female Solo Artists of 2009

The Best Female Solo Artists of 2009
These are the best female solo artists that can sing. They will be remembered for their talent and not their looks. Pretty female singers come and go but these singers will entertain for generations to come…
These girls are not in any particular order, they all hold the gold medal for having an outstanding voice. They have the ability to make their show a spectacular one, with the ranges of vocals and energy that they put in. To listen to them sing you would say they are just good singers and it is easy for them to just get out and sing, this is not the case they work harder than most of us and are dedicated to their fans and entertaining the whole world.

They spend most of their time in studios be it filming or recording studios, and most of their spare time training vocals and perfecting dance routines and when they are not doing that they could be writing songs. Everybody looks at superstars and think of how easy they must have it with all their money, little people realise that they worked pretty dam hard for it. They are financially better off yes I agree but you can not buy time. Imagine only getting one day off a week and being restricted to what you can do or where you go for that day. Imagine getting up everyday and working from the word go until you finally get into bed that night. These girls do everything they can to keep up with the ever dynamic musical environment.

Leona Lewis

Leona shot to the top of the charts with her first single a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” and she has not left the charts for the last two years. She was a simple girl with a voice that entered into a competition in the U.K called the X Factor. Her voice captivcated everyone, the object of this competition is to get public vote to win a £1 million record deal. Her first song shot her straight to the top instantly, Leona then went on to tour the United States where shealso shot to number one. Bleeding Love was the biggest selling single of 2008 worldwide, she captured everyone’s attention the second she opened her mouth to sing. A remarkable singing voice, if you haven’t heard of her I suggest you look her up.

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KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall is a Scottish female singer songwriter/ Guitarist, her voice is a husky rock and roll feel good about yourself type of voice. Her shoot to fame depended on her first single “Black Horse And A Cherry Tree”, that shot to number one nearly over night. The world was introduced the following year. She had risen to the top in Europe almost over night and became a world wide success in 2006. And still she pours her soul into every song. She started of as a busker on thestreets of where she lived, an orphaned girl with a bursting soul, transformed into a world wide name, not without hard work of course. The amount of work she does would turn anybody off being a famous musician. Definitely one of the greatest singers of our generation.

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Christina Aguilera

Christina has an amazing vocal range that out shines most of Americas leading female artists. She is considered by most of the world to be the “voice of the generation” by global leading surveys, magazines and leading panelists. Her voice is amazing, she can sing in every style, swing, jazz, R&B, soul to rock. Unlike most of her rivals she sings live just as well as she does in the studio. She has dominated the charts for the last 10 years and has covered every music type imaginable, and holds all the awards for doing so. I haven’t met anybody yet that says that shes not a great singer and I don’t think I ever will either.

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Beyonce was born in 1980 and growing up in Texas all she wanted to do was sing and dance, she got her long dreamed fame she was after in the late 90’s. Here is where she was in a girl group called Destiny’s Child. While she was in this group she was always writing songs and going over dance routines, the types of things you would have to do being in any band basically. The band split up and the three girls went their separate ways, they all formed a solo career and Beyonce was the most successful because of her singing ability. I guess she figured out she could do her own harmony, and sing her own songs, and so she did. Her vocal range is spectacular and you would have to hear it to believe it.

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Shakira is a Colombian singer songwriter, multi lingual musician, record producing dancer that has been called a musical genius. Shakira had many talents growing up through school and she was not afraid to show them off either, she has recorded music in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic and her music is fantastic. Her voice has so many ranges from the languages she can speak, she can also sing any type of music also. She became famous through releasing her own album by her self in 1995, it wasn’t long before she became famous in Latin America and Spain. Three years later 1998 she hit the States and her fame sky rocketed from there. A great singer and a great musician too, a musical phenomenon.

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Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is an American R&B soul singing songwriter/ pianist actress. She was born in Manhattan in New York, she made her first appearance on T.V on the Bill Cosby show in 1985 when she was four. She graduated from a professional performing arts college at the age of sixteen, she then finished high school and went onto college where she dropped out to take her music career up full time. And are we so glad she did, her voice has a soothing soul searching vibe you expect from a soul singer but she also composes and writes all of her songs. Alicia is also a brilliant musician and her voice is the same live as it is in the studio and her live performances are spectacular to watch. Alicia Keys has sold over 30 million copies of her albums worldwide and still continues to sell out everywhere..

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is the best rock chic the world has seen so far. Yes the other girls cover rock in their styles but Kelly is just far Superior to the others. Her voice is just amazing for this style of music and shes not afraid to scream into the microphone either. She bursts every song out from her toes and shes also a great guitarist too. Kelly Clarkson entered into a competition in 2002 called American Idol pretty much the same as Leona Lewis did. She went on to win the contest and the record deal that came with winning it, a simple girl from Texas with a great voice shook the world with her rock songs. This made Kelly the biggest rock singing songwriter the world had ever seen. Her vocal range is just as good as the others but she know how to rock.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry was born by two pastor parents in California, she grew up singing gospel songs and praising the lord, a wild child in disguise. Katy rose to fame over the Internet with a song called “Ur So Gay” and broke into the public domain with her smash hit ” I kissed A Girl “in 2008, not the kind of behaviour from a pastors daughter you would expect, but that is what caught every ones attention. The world was much bigger than religion and Katy knew this. Katy was also a great musician as well as having a great voice, she wrote all her stuff and composed all of her songs. We are still discovering Katy Perry’s vocal range with every song she releases, a great voice and a great musician.

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Sara Barelles

Sara is a pop rock, soul singer songwriter who also plays the guitar and the piano. She became a worldwide name in 2007 with her smash hit “Love Song” everybody knew the song within a month. She has been working on her career all her live from singing in a church choir to the fame she has today, and earned it. She became famous in 2003 in America where she was born and raised in California. She writes all her songs and composes them too. Her vocal range ranges from contralto to mezzo-soprano and she is really easy to listen to. Her music style could almost be compared to Cheryl Crow but Sara has her own way of doing it and is truely different than what we have heard before.


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