Andy Dick – Celebrity Trainwreck #47

Andy Dick

December 21 1965 in South Carolina.

Famous for:
A comedian that stop being funny long ago. The Andy Dick Show, The Assistant, New Radio and Less the Perfect.

What went wrong?
In 1999 Andy Dick was arrested after slamming his car in a telephone pole. He had marijuana and cocaine on him. His brand of comedy has been growing more offensive over the years (might have something to do with the amount of cocaine he started taking). He went to rehab twice, but obviously it has not worked as he has been getting out of control lately.

Andy Dick had a scuffle with Lyle Lovitz in 2007 (who blames Dick for introducing Brynn Hartman to cocaine after 10 years of being clean. 5 months later she killed her husband Phil Hartman and committed suicide). Recent reports, well snaps, show Andy Dick being rowdy, under the influence, urinating all over the place and trying to get it on with any number of young guys that do not find him disgusting.

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