Natalie Portman finds Los Angeles better than New York

London: Israeli/American actress Natalie Portman has revealed that she finds her Los Angeles neighbours to be more welcoming than the locals she lived with in her native New York.

Portman, 28, who recently bought a new property on the West Coast, admits that she enjoys the place and finds her neighbours to be wonderful.

"I just got a house. It's fantastic and its pretty nice to have sun every day. It was beautiful and we moved right in. My neighbours are lovely and my dog loves it," the Daily Starquoted her as saying.

The actress, who celebrated her big purchase by throwing a housewarming party for all her friends, revealed she was worried when some neighbours came knocking at her door.

But she was pleasantly surprised when they asked to join in the fun instead of threatening to call the police.

"In New York, when I had a party I'd get a note the next day saying, 'Next time we'll call the police'," she explained.

"I had my first party (in L.A.) the other day, a housewarming, and had some friends over, had the music going and then someone said, 'Natalie, your neighbours are at the door' and I thought, 'Oh no!'

"And there were these dudes at the front door with booze and they were like, 'We heard the music, can we come hang?' I was like, 'Awesome, I love my neighbourhood!'" she added.

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