The life of a lesbian

My daughter, a daughter normal my friends: like sitting chatting with a few child friends, like to drink coffee, always try to study for the future is ...; each other only one thing: I spent the emotional sex for daughters but not sons as my friends.

From small, my mother was not exposed much to the son, can she feared I would stick to the story brother sister love without attention to the study. Maybe so, but then I like to play with her daughter over because I was as yourself, can say everything you think, do all their favorite stories. Keep a son, I always felt removed, the loss of freedom and I do not feel anything before the attention, but for my son. But with his daughter, yes.
I have a panel you three, four child friends daughter. I love you hit it as emotional and sisters together. When any child is sad story, I have listened to it said, comfort and encourage all hearts. Bag it or ask me about why I am sad to say no. I really want to hit it says that my current feelings for a girl in my home waters, but I can not, because if I say that, it'll hit me with a different eye : disdain, as often, cheap rum or something the university category. That made me afraid, afraid to lose the child you this. Then I silently endured, the child playing with friends but I have to live with the other side. That made me tired, but know how to be.

Story begins in the home was about his, then I know the daughter is doing the job "to customers. Trac age but they just do their own world far different world of me. They have no formal education and living by the profession that society as contempt.

Evening, all gather in the room to drink and confided to each other. I heard a lot about the sadness, pain and humiliation of them about the dream can escape what this business. Then I suddenly realized, with some of them is Les. Perhaps because all of the girls, are experiencing the pain, the same circumstances, should understand each other, more sympathetic to each other, and long on emotion and then arise.

Once, I heard a second daughter is based on me, weeping just said, but do say so, I do not know anymore. Then I feel like someone is bitten and my marriage. I fear, but at the mud run limbs can not resist anything that is. Wakes up the next morning, my assistant fire while lying in bed, next to me as a daughter, and I hug it tightly, as if my husband is. From this, I returned to the city and on the new sim, cut off contact with đám it. In a sense I have fear, but ... just enjoy and not regret what happened. It is hard to understand!

Later, one of the country, I was familiar with one another daughter. I would love to hear her voice, love to read the message sweet, interested, check on her for me. These sad at me, my message to her, then her message, I read and feel a lot more. Two child I was walking along the beach, lying on the sand I looked back in heaven. At that time, I just copy their Convention a son to bring happiness to both me and full integrity her.

The friend of my child in the bag still unknown, perhaps because I was too hidden, or, I completely review its communication direction is hit, a coat on the other hand, hit it and believe it is the my real person. But not so. I never dared speak out their hearts to her so I hear both, I fear we will e dè, shunned me, as well as the society is, never look tolerant with people like me.

I do not want people looking at me with sympathy look, because I is not a disease. I do not want people looking at me with insights soi just because I still turn left turn right people. I hope people do not ban drag my love for my business. I want to love and be love as others. Society is always so, easy to start and difficult to end, the coming months on how I will live here?

(As a young Tam)
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