Kate Clinton and Urvashi Vaid

Who is Kate Clinton?

Kate Clinton is a lesbian comedian, actor and author.
Who is Urvashi Vaid?

Urvashi Vaid was executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force from 1988-1992 and has been an activist and writer since that time.
How did they Meet?

Kate Clinton and Urvashi Vaid met in 1988 at a War Conference, held in February 1988. A friend who was at the conference had this to say about their meeting: "Because some of us in the quartet had recently been dumped by our girlfriends, we called our foursome The Jilted Speak. We spoke and spoke about a lot and a lot. But Kate and Urvashi spoke in a different language to each other. A relationship forged in war, strengthened in conflict, and launched in love at first bite."
Marriage and Children

On her blog on The Bilerico Project Kate Clinton said, "Despite the flagrant flaunting and taunting from CA friends, "Sooooo, when are you two getting married?" my gal pal and I recently reconfirmed our own vows not to marry. We do however, vigorously support the freedom of others to marry."
Quotes and Tidbits about Kate Clinton and Urvashi Vaid

Kate Clinton and Urvashi Vaid live in New York City and Provincetown, Ma.
Kate Clinton on humor in the bedroom: "You need to let moments of laughter and light into bed—if there’s no room for that, maybe you shouldn’t be there. Melt. Let yourself get silly. One time Urvashi put on some Carole King, and it was the wrong music for sex. It’s lovely, of course, but all I wanted to do was sing along! We got hysterical about it."

In an interview with On Our Backs, Kate Clinton was asked, "Is a vital sex life important to your power quotient?"
Kate responded: "Absolutely. You know, she’s really hot. Our biggest problem is scheduling. She works weekdays; I work weekends. She works days; I work nights. So we deal with that and still try to be spontaneous, too.

It’s important to have a willingness to talk about it and figure it out. It’s important not to take the situational stuff and treat it like a character flaw. One night she said, 'I’m feeling some distance,' and I answered, 'Well, I’m in San Francisco, and you’re in New York. Sometimes there really is distance to deal with, but it’s situational."
Sources: Kate Clinton.com, On Our Backs, The Bilerico Project, Kate Clinton's Newsletter CommuniKate
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