How to Plan a Green Thanksgiving Dinner

More and more consumers are demanding environmental consciousness on all fronts, including during holidays such as Thanksgiving. You can still maintain your Thanksgiving tradition, but now you can integrate a few modifications to start some new, green-friendly traditions of your own.
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    Encourage family and friends to travel together. If they live on the way (or even a little out of the way) encourage them to pick up a family member who lives nearby and car pool. Or consider having the feast at an equidistant point. Saving fuel gets the party off to a great and green start.

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    Create a green suggestion list. Get everyone involved by adding green tips to your invites. If you don't have invitations, just send a nice card with a few suggestions.

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    Buy locally. Patronize your local farmer's markets, local growers and producers. Not only will you notice a taste difference, but you'll also be supporting your local community and everything that comes with it, including the reduction in fuel associated for shipping produce from far-off places.

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    Limit meat. Integrate Tofurkey (tofu or soy-based faux turkey) into the menu. Or offer a smaller meat-based option, such as a small ham or hen, for die-hard carnivores or traditionalists.

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    Watch your paper consumption. Invitations and cards should be sent via email. If that's not an option, select recycled paper. Use cloth napkins and reusable utensils and containers.

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    Lead by example. If a disposable container or soda can sneaks in, make sure you have recycling containers in a prominent position. Demonstrate that this is a lifestyle choice, not something to just do certain days, such as holidays or when it's convenient.

    By Michelle Leach

    eHow Contributing Writer

4:41 AM

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