How to Make Money on the Internet Over Time

Everyone wants to have more money! With the growth of the Internet there are many ways to make money online over time. These residual, passive income streams can help you slowly but surely make money online. Use this guide to learn some ways to make money online.

Step 1: Write articles online for websites like eHow, Associated Content, Hubpages, DemandStudios or Bukisa. Do a little research on the benefits and disadvantages of each company's policies.

Step 2: Write a blog and monetize it. Create a blog from Wordpress, Blogger, or another service and start writing about whatever you love. You can even have a blog about trying to slowly make money online! Monetize the content by adding Google ads to the sidebars and blog posts.

Step 3: Use services like SwagBucks to get money every time you use a search engine. You will inevitably use search engines if you are writing articles or blogs so you might as well make some money from that!

Step 4: Be patient. Passive income is residual, so you have to wait months to see real earnings. Think about it this way: You can get paid five to ten dollars flat fee to write an article, or you can earn an average of a dollar every month on that article into the indefinite future. If you have patience and foresight, the second option is clearly better and will help you make money.

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