How to Change Your Name After a Divorce

Obtain a copy of your court order and use it when you request that agencies and creditors change your name in their records.

1.Be sure to tell the judge during your divorce that you want to change your name. Specify what you want to change it to. The judge will then include this in your judgment or order.

2.Obtain a certified copy of your judgment or order from your attorney or from the court clerk's office.

3.Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration, your employer, your bank, your creditors, your utility providers and anyone else you wish to notify. Request that they change your name in their records.

4.Go in person to your local Social Security office and the Department of Motor Vehicles. You'll need to bring a copy of the court order as well as other ID (it's OK if the ID uses your old name).

5.Send copies of the court order to anyone else who will not change your name without documentation. If it isn't required, don't send the court order (because this contains information about your divorce that you may not want to share).

6.Understand that you can change your child's name only if the court has ordered it.

7.Tell your family and friends that you've changed your name.

8.Correct your name on your luggage tags, stationery, checks and address labels.

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