Sharon Stone – Celebrity Trainwreck #21

Sharon Stone

March 10 1958 in Pennsylvania.

Famous for:
Showing off her vajayjay in Basic Instinct gave her international stardom, her role in the Casino got her a Golden Globe while her guest stint on The Practice got her an Emmy. She claims she has an IQ of 154 but she is not a member of Mensa. Most of her recent movies bombed at the box-office.

What went wrong?
Her movies started to bomb at the box-office. Sharon Stone got involved with different charities. One of her more brilliant moments was when she turned a panel in Davos into an impromptu fund raiser. She managed to raise million dollars in 5 minutes for mosquito nets in Tanzania. FYI, mosquito nets are distributed for free in public hospitals. She got slammed as for that by UNICEF.

Sharon also received an award for helping raise awareness about the HIV and AIDS. She suffered a stroke in 2001. Her behavior has been erratic and somewhat controversial – claiming she is a lesbian one minute then saying she is straight, I know she is blond but at her age she should be able to make up her mind about it.

Sharon Stone Video:
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