Roseanne Barr – Celebrity Trainwreck #22

November 2 1952.

Famous for:
Actress, writer and a stand-up comedian Roseanne Barr was the brain behind one of the most popular sit-coms of the 80s Roseanne (in case you have missed it white trash galore). The series received critical acclaim and won a good few Emmys.

What went wrong?
Apart from her inclination to change husbands frequently and being borderline offensive at times (although she used to do stand-up at one point it is to be expected) of late Roseanne has started to have an opinion about everything and everyone. What is worse she has discovered Internet at the same time. So her visitors are subjected to tirades about gay people, presidential candidates and her boots? Don’t ask me I went to check it out, but even if you ignore all the profanities it is still difficult to make heads or tails of it. Roseanne was hilarious once, now it is just a bit sad.

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