Paris Hilton – Celebrity Trainwreck #5

February 17 1981, New York.

Famous for:
Well for being famous. The only thing she does have, unlike all the rest wannabe celebrities is money. Did some modeling when she was younger, but her big debut came with reality TV series The Simple Life. She also starred in a number of TV shows and movies (typically she is cast as a dumb blonde, I wonder why?). Most of her films bombed. She also “wrote” 2 books, recorded an album, released a number of fragrances and endorsed anything under the sun.

What went wrong?
My guess is nothing really, Paris is just where she wants to be. But she became notorious with the release of her sex tape. That was when Paris was unleashed onto the world and she has been in the media spotlight ever since. She was charged for DUI and got 36 months probation, but she was caught driving without a license. In the end although it was said she would serve 40 days of home confinement, she spent 22 days in LA’s jail. The day after she was released from jail she appeared on Larry King and talked about her Bible reading ways and vowed to changed. But as she does seem to have an attention span of a goldfish Paris soon forgot about her vows and its business as usual with swinging from the chandeliers in clubs to bitch-slapping Lindsay Lohan.

Paris Hilton Videos:

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