O.J. Simpson – Celebrity Trainwreck #46

O.J. Simpson

July 9 1947 in San Francisco.

Famous for:
NFL player who had a successful career as an actor and broadcaster. And then he killed his ex-wife and her lover. What happened after that was most publicized trial America has ever seen.

What went wrong?
O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife and her current lover were found dead in front of his wife’s apartment. Simpson was soon charged with murder, however he did not turn himself in and decided to try and escape from law enforcement in his Ford Bronco.

When he was put on trial it was dubbed the trial of the century. When the verdict was in, it was watched by more the a half of American population. Simpson was declared not guilty, however in civil case he was declared guilty and he had to pay $33.5 millions in damages to the families of the victims. In 2006 he wrote a book If I did it (how stupid do you have to be I wonder?), but it was withdrawn by the publishers. In 2007 Simpson was arrested for armed burglary. He tried to steal some sports shit he claims belongs to him. His current girlfriend was hospitalized with head injuries. According to him she was drunk and fell over. Hm do I see a pattern here?

O.J. Simpson Video:

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