Lindsay Lohan – Celebrity Trainwreck #4

July 2 1986 in New York.

Famous for?
Child model, child actor, then the queen of teenage slushies as I like to call them with biggest success The Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. Made the obvious transition to singing and recorded 2 albums that did quite well.

What went wrong?
If I was a snarky kind I’d say things went wrong when her mum decided to turn her into a cash cow. But Lindsay was quite capable of screwing up on her own. Partying, booze and drugs landed her in rehab 3 times last year, but she also became quite famous for her man-eating ways as she seems to go through high profile bad boys with astonishing speed. Another thing she shares with her frienemy Paris Hilton is DUI charges. Her sentence was one day in jail and 10 days of community services. Although she is adamant that she changed her ways, gossip mill of late paints a different picture.

Lindsay Lohan Video:

7:58 AM

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