Kate Moss – Celebrity Trainwreck #10

January 4 1974, London.

Famous for:
The face of Calvin Klein, Burberry and H&M to name a few, Kate Moss is the epitome of anti-supermodel who managed to become a success even though she is on the short side and looks like a waif (which although might come as a shock was not look du jour in the 80s). She is hailed as the icon of style and known for her relationships with high profile men.

What went wrong?
Hacks in England speculated about Kate’s cocaine use for years, but it was Daily Mirror that exposed her as Cocaine Kate. She was caught on film snorting line after line of coke during Baby Shambles recording session. After the scandal few fashion houses did terminate their contract with Cocaine Kate, however at the moment her modeling career is thriving.

She was connected with a string of very famous men, but the man that was almost the undoing of her was Pete Doherty of Babyshambles. Their breaking up and making up filled the tabloids for months on end. But Kate decided to finally dump Pete’s ass after he cheated on her with another model (although anyone normal would take one look at him and dump his ass, the man is a walking health hazard).

Kate Moss Video:
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