Heather Mills – Celebrity Trainwreck #36

Heather Mills

January 12 1968 in England.

Famous for:
Heather Mills was a glamour model and if you believe English tabloids a prostitute. In 1993 she was ran over by a police motorcycle and she was so badly injured her left leg had to be cut off. Since then she has been an activist for different animal rights, vegan organizations and worked with organizations that promote the issues of amputees.

Heather Mills married Paul McCartney in 2002, 4 years after his first wife Linda died. The couple has one child together.

What went wrong?
All was fine until Mills and McCartney separated in 2006 and since then all hell has broke loose. The tabloids had and still have a field day, although Mills has threatened to sue them for making false accusations and labeling her as Gold Digger. It was estimated she would be able to claim L200 million in her divorce settlement.

She owes millions in legal fees, her publicist quit of his own accord and she has been demanding more money, but it seems Paul McCartney wants a gagging order which unfortunately would mean Heather Mills would not be able to write a tell-all book. It is just my guess, but I’d bet I’m not far off.

And when you think about it in England divorce can be settled in 6 weeks this has been dragging on for 2 years. In the meantime, Heather Mills went a bit crazy and appeared on any talk show that would have her talking about death threats and how she is treated worse then a pedophile. Well duh Paul McCartney in England’s favorite Beatle after all.

Heather Mills Video:

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